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You must create an administrator user login for your account. Once your application has been approved, this e-mail will be sent log-in information for Portercraft.com. This account will be able to log-in, access pricing and other resources, and create sub-accounts for others in your organization.


Credit Terms

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We will send you an e-mail with a link to our credit terms application once your account application has been approved.

We will need a full prepayment via credit card or ACH payment prior to shipping any orders.

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Click Here to open a new window and fill out and submit your sales tax exempt forms. We will also e-mail you a link to fill out and submit your sales tax exempt forms after you complete this application.

We cannot set your account as tax exempt without the proper certificate on file. Any invoices made before this certificate is provided to us will be charged sales tax.

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ASM Account Setup

This section is meant to be completed by Area Sales Managers.

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Pricing Setup

Pricing in D365 is set by assigning a customer to specific affiliations (Pricing Affiliation). We also use affiliations to determine which price book to show the customer when they log-in to Portercraft.com (Marketing Affiliation). Finally, there is an option to remove the default quantity discount affiliation. Additional affiliations for specific collections/displays are set by sales reps in their Repsly app after this account has been setup by the A/R team.

This affiliation sets pricing in D365.
This affiliation determines which price book we give to the customer.
By removing this affiliation, you will remove quantity discounts for PF flooring in D365.
Customer Price Group sets the sundries and unfinished pricing in D365 and is based on the customers location (ex: ATXCON).
Select the rebate group this customer should recieve, if any.
Will determine the product descriptions shown to the customer for PF items.
If applicable, select the buying group or franchise this customer is apart of.
No reply will be sent to the customer. We recommend calling this customer to let them know they do not qualify.

AR Account Setup

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